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I'm lucky to have the privilege of belonging to a community in which works like this can be found. Reading this was a real immersion in...




“... Why is the sky blue?”

Trip looked up, following Ares’ gaze. “Good point. It is blue.”

“Why isn’t it orange, like normal?”

Trip frowned. “I don’t know.”

Something shuffled in the undergrowth nearby. The two friends swept around, their feet swishing through the fallen rembranch leaves as they stared at the bush from where the sudden shaking had emanated.

“Is someone there?”

Ares glanced at Trip, trying to hide any unease. Trip took a gentle step towards the bush, his arms slightly raised as he tried to keep his balance. Despite his attempted deftness, the leaves underfoot betrayed his movements. He gently moved closer. The bush stayed still. Ares squinted, trying to see if anything was behind it from where she was stood. It was very still indeed. Almost… too still.

Trip was now close enough to the bush to smell the fragrance of its palma flowers. His tail flicked silently before he lunged into it.


A startled rabbit flew out of the bush, taking Ares by such a surprise that she fell backwards. It ran over her, landing on her chest before leaping an inch over her face and fleeing into the woods. A silent moment passed before she sat up, exhaling a breath that she hadn’t realised she had been holding. Trip was kneeling immediately in front of her.

“You alright?”

Ares screwed her face up. “I’m fine. And stop smiling!”

Trip was indeed grinning widely. “I can’t help it. You got floored by a rabbit.”

“Shush! Rabbits are mean.”

“Yes, clearly. What a dangerous, rabid beast it was. Feeding on your fear like tha- OW!”

“Trip! Stop it!”

“Okay, okay.”

“And… please don’t tell anyone.”

Trip raised his right eyebrow and opened his mouth. The witty quip on his tongue was forgotten as he looked at Ares’ face - a face that looked as if it would rip his arms off if he cracked another joke at her expense.

“Alright. My lips are sealed.”

She exhaled again - this time in relief - and stood up, brushing the dust off her arm fur as she did so.

“Let’s keep moving. Home isn’t that far away.”

Trip nodded and they resumed their journey.

“This sky is definitely strange, though…”


“Do you think Master Griffin will know why the sky turned blue?”

Trip pinched one of his whiskers between an index finger and thumb, and ran them along it gently. “I don’t know, but if he doesn’t, I don’t think anyone else will.”

They walked on in silence for a while, which began to annoy Ares after a few minutes. She was annoyed because, if she wasn’t talking, then she was thinking, and if she was thinking, she was worrying. She tended to worry about an awful lot of things in general. Maybe that’s why silences were horrid things to her - things to be filled with something, even if the only thing available was the sound of her own voice.

She knew of the news of a group of bandits hiding out in the woods. So had Trip, of course. Everyone in town was talking about it. And there was apparently a food shortage coming soon. But she was deliberately trying to ignore the elephant in the room: the fact that they had awoken to a different coloured sky. The freakish blue above them made her uneasy. Everything around her all seemed so surreal. The entire world looked utterly different under this strange canvas over the familiar landscape.

Valend boasted an eternal autumn, with warm mornings and beautiful, golden evenings. The lakes filled warm and deep, and the forests were blessed with many trees, nuts and fruits, and carefully kept trails, like the one they walked along now. There were not many towns, but Ares and Trip had grown up in a lovely and peaceful village called Roam. Master Griffin had taught her that their race had been born in Roam itself, many thousands of years ago. Sometimes, she was proud of this fact. Other times it depressed her.

“Hey, Trip.”

“What’s up, Ares?”

“Master Griffiths says that the Malar originate from Roam, right?”

Trip smiled again. “That is apparently what all those dusty scrolls have taught him, yes.”

“Wouldn’t that mean that we’ve spent thousands of years in the same place?”

Trip stopped walking for a moment to consider this. “I guess you’re right.”

“Doesn’t that bother you?”

Trip ran his fingers through the fur atop his head. “Urm… why would it?”

“I just think it’s a bit sad that our families just stayed put. Why not try something new every once in a while? The thought that my great-great-great-great grandfather never thought to move out - to explore - just makes me feel… well…”

“...Feel… what?”

Ares noticed Trip staring quizzically, and flushed. “Oh… I dunno.”


The two friends carried on together, silently consenting to complete their journey.


Roam’s arms were open wide for them as they arrived. The woods they were walking through ended, opening up to reveal a large field of tall wild grass. The woodland trail continued, becoming a downtrodden track of grass and hay that led straight down the middle of the field and into Roam. Over to the left, a lake’s edge quietly sat and glittered. Ares noticed some of the wild grass stalks gently bending in the wind, and then others being swept aside roughly by young rodendeer, running and laughing as they played in the…

Ares snapped her eyes away. “Trip! The sun!”

He looked up and went pale, shutting his eyes and clasping his hands over his face. The sun had turned a bright, blinding white.

“My eyes!”

Before she knew what she was doing, Ares had grasped one of Trip’s arms and turned, yanking him into a startled half turn motion.

“Keep calm. Let’s move.”

They started towards Roam. Ares could see that the arms were still open.

“Ares… my arm.”

“Oh. Right.” She let go. “Are you alright, Trip?”

“I think so… Ares, don’t loo-”

“Don’t look directly at the sun, I know. Nearly there.”

The arms were the opening in the wooden fence around Roam. Most of the time, it was not needed, but in the deepening of mid-autumn, when the animals of the woods became more aggressive, the fence proved its worth, year after year. They paced through with a determination that was starting to make Ares’ legs ache. She made for the nearest building, grabbing the door handle with both hands. It wouldn’t budge.

Strange. The doors of the houses in Roam were always left unlocked during the day. She pounded on the door, hard.

“Hello? Let us in!”

A stern voice from the other side of the door rasped. “Get away from this house, monster!”

Ares gasped. “...What?”

“Begone! Curse you, bringer of demonic light!”

She recognised the voice. “Mr Whiting?”

No answer came.

“Mr Whiting, it’s me! It’s Ares! Your neighbour! Don’t you remember me?”

Trip placed his hand on her shoulder. “Valend damn Mr Whiting. Let’s ask somewhere else, before we accidentally blind ourselves in this sun.”

But it became clear, all too quickly, that it was no use. No matter where they tried, they only found locked doors and venomous words. Eventually, Ares gave up and put her face in her hands, waves of emotion sweeping over her.

Trip awkwardly stood by. “Hey… Ares... “

“Oh, Trip! Everyone’s being so horrible!”

Trip nodded. “Yeah, they’re being stupid. Seems like they think we changed the sky and the su- ARGH!”

Trip slapped his hands over his eyes again.

Ares gasped. “Be careful where you look!”

Trip puffed loudly. “I know, I know. An accident. My bad.”

“Where can we go?”

Trip lowered his hands, his eyes still closed. “There’s one place we haven’t tried.”

Ares was careful to keep the sun out of her peripheral vision as she moved to look towards the building she knew Trip was talking about. “Master Griffin’s.”

Trip nodded, opening his eyes, but only to a squint. “Let’s go.”

Trip hadn’t taken five paces before a loud snap froze him and Ares in place with shock. It had come from immediately in front of them. Ares looked around for a moment. All was quiet. She took one step forward, and stopped, leaning forward to confirm what she thought her eyes were telling her. The waves of a rising heat were just discernable not twenty yards in front of them. But this was more intense than anything Ares had seen before. It was somehow denser, and much hotter. She could feel the heat against her face even from this distance.

Another huge snap resounded around them, forcing Ares’ eyes shut.

When she opened them, everything she knew changed forever.

A single figure stood in front of them. It was a Malar, like them. It was female, like Ares. Very much like Ares. In fact… besides being a little older than her, the Malar was almost identical to her. They only locked eyes for an instant, but that instant showed Ares a terrible thing.

“Oh, Crud!” The figure said, before it raised its arm and slammed something on its wrist with its other hand. Another snap! And the Malar was gone.

Trip’s mouth was open, unbelieving. Ares couldn’t move. She couldn’t think.

“Ares! Trip! Get over here!”

She couldn’t move. She didn’t move. She later recalled having her arm grabbed by Trip and being run into Master Griffin’s house, but she never remembered lying down to rest. Only waking up five hours later to a concerned Trip and, in the background of her vision, sitting on an old armchair and smoking an old bagweed pipe, the stern eyes of Master Griffin.
A Blinding Sky
It feels good, after a long and unhealthy absence, to return to the pastime I love. I truly hope I can come back to this exciting story I have started.

Hoping and wishing all the best for you.




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United Kingdom
I write as a hobby, and I must say I really enjoy it. I've been around Deviant Art for a while now, and have loved it since day one! I'm looking for (constructive!) criticism on a few pieces of my work. So no pictures (sorry...!), but an opportunity to exercise your imagination.
Hopefully we'll see some improvements over time.

DDs: 1…

DLDs: 2

Competition wins: 5………

An Interview With Ja-mes!


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Hold the phone.

I've been to Romania this week, and got back yesterday. After returning to my place in old Brighton town, I logged on to find that Goggles in Mireview had been gifted a Daily Deviation by neurotype! My profile was awash with views, favourites, and so on.

July Literature DD Round Up:iconirrevocablefate:
Features by HugQueen 
          Solace by Medoriko Bo. by Silver-cLaw if you need help making it through the day by trembling-knees
Features by inknalcohol
Mr. Five by TheVoiceofMadness We Hold Hearts by ttbloodlusttt Te by ZetsubouDahlia What I gave you by WhitePlumFragrance Heart Sold. by Lady-Yume :thumb407777094: FACTORY DEMON FORKLIFT BATTLE by AntiMach Last Words by estallidos .Red lips. by BlackRoseMew The Heart Necklace by Mimibert Cyclical love by comatose-comet Paradigm Shift by Jade-Pandora [transmissions of a dead girl] by crimsonletters Southern modernization by Emmaessence may as well buy another pack by creativelycliche The Coffee God by anapests-and-ink Bad Shot by CrumbledWings
Features by neurotype
Senryu Series 12 by Laurence55 The Interview by levi3o4 :thumb459736038: Visitor by sliverofciel KATRINA by KaitForest Margie by capricecake daughters by sunshinegypsy Palani by Augmented4th Parental Guidance by Rangavar :thumb4436160

This is so unexpected and sudden. I am stunned. I feel encouraged. And humbled. And happy. And grateful!

I haven't enjoyed this feeling for a long time...

If you haven't seen it yet, here is the piece in question:

Mature Content

It would be unjust not to vocalise my gratitude. A massive shout to those of you who have looked at Goggles in Mireview, read it, and commented/faved/enjoyed it.


That was my shout.

Also, I was invited to contribute Goggles in Mireview to CRLiterature's gallery. Thanks, guys! I am happy to. If you have the time, go check them out. I've joined.

Finally: I will try my best to thank everyone who comments and favs my work. I will also take a look at your profile if you start watching mine. I don't promise much, but I promise you that. It's the least I can do.

Keep scribbling!


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